Here’s one of the best IUI Infertility Treatment in Bangalore

Infertility is a common problem these days. The hectic lifestyles and work stress are the main reason for infertility. But there are solutions to deal with the problem. Technology has come up with several new treatments that will fulfill your wish of having a pretty child.

iui treatment bangalore

IUI Intrauterine insemination is one such advanced treatment in which the male sperm is injected into the woman’s uterus for the fertilization of the egg. This particular treatment has helped thousands of women to conceive and give birth successfully.

When is the IUI treatment conducted?

Following are the situations when doctors will suggest you to go with IUI treatment:

  • Hostile cervical mucus
  • Male infertility
  • When fertility drug treatments are unsuccessful.
  • If patient has any sexual pain while doing intercourse.
  • When a sperm donor is hired.
  • If parents have an existing disease that might pass to their child, IUI is suggested.

Sometimes women do have an allergy to their partner’s sperm; in that case, the sperm of a donor is injected into the woman’s womb.

iui treatment bangalore

The process of IUI treatment

As soon as the female partner ovulates, the process gets started. When the female partner is about to ovulate, the sample of the semen from the male partner is collected in the clinic. Generally, couples are asked not to go for intercourse for a few days. This helps to increase the sperm count. The collected semen is then sent to the pathology lab. The most active sperm is then used for the treatment for fertilization of the egg.

Why Mathrutva?

Mathrutva Fertility Centre is one such fertility clinic whose success rate is higher than other fertility clinics in Bangalore. We have a highly dedicated team who takes care of every detail of the patients and give their best in the treatment. All the treatments provided here are conducted with modern equipment and techniques. The best technology is used to ensure a successful fertilization for IUI treatment in Bangalore. Doctors here are completely friendly so that you can discuss your problems freely.

Contact us and take an online appointment. Our main objective is to fulfill your wish of having a child.


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